Velox Integrated Rice Company (Velox)

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Velox Integrated Rice Company (VIRCO) is an agribusiness firm focused on processing, packaging, and distribution of rice in Nigeria. Our passion lies in cheering the Nigerian community to eat locally-grown rice in a bid to eat fresh and healthy. We are strategically positioned to extend the frontiers of indigenous brand in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, making it a global brand. Our two brands; Azyro and Mudu rice are produced with high-quality control, stone-free, great taste, great satisfaction, well-milled, affordable, all-start-to-finish in Nigeria to meet varying consumer needs. Our ultimate goal is to be the leading rice brand in Nigeria and within Africa, with you by our side, we make bold its doability. We take pride in our dedicated, focused and innovative stakeholders and employees whose excellence is evident in the delivery of our quality brand. Our philosophy of producing healthy and high-quality rice products is driven by our commitment to ultimately serve the society in best ways possible. We currently produce 60,000kg of rice per week with an ongoing effort to increase our production capacity