How To Retain Your Employee Talent

How to Retain Your Employee Talent If you look around your office and you are happy with the people who work for you, you want to keep them around. However, all companies want to hire and to retain the best employees, so it becomes your job to convince people in your office to stick around. […]
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Not Getting Interview Calls? You Could Be Making These Mistakes

1.Your CV and Cover Letter We all know that CV and cover letter are the things that make our first impression on the employer. If they are not professionally written, our CV ends up nowhere but in the recruiter’s trash bin. So the first thing you’ve got to do is to critically assess these two […]

12 Ways to Stay Motivated During a Job Search

Here are 12 effective strategies to stay motivated during a job search: Start the morning on a high note by signing up to receive a daily motivational quote sent to your inbox. Alternately, search the Internet for a few you find inspiring and write them out on sticky notes to display throughout your home. (This […]

Major job interview blunders: What not to do

Be well groomed and dress appropriately for your job interview. Photo / 12 There are three words you should never say in front of your potential boss. Photo / 123RF If you’ve ever sat through a job interview only to never hear from your potential boss again, three seemingly innocent words could be to blame. […]

Tips To Crack Job Interview As A Fresher

Tips To Crack Job Interview As A Fresher   As a fresher, you do not have any work experience to brag, much skills to showcase and literally zero experience of handling intimidating interviewers.   You have no idea, how the interview is gonna unfold or how you can steer it in the right direction.   […]

Interview Tips For Introverts

Science says that connection of verbalizing part and thinking part of the brain is much longer in introvert than extroverts. That is why introverts are not good at thinking on their feet but they possess so many other valuable traits which are not there in extroverts- Keen observers, thoughtful communicators, good listeners, and better leaders. […]

Caution! Don’t do any of these 4 things after a job interview

It’s normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions after a job interview, but there are certain things you just shouldn’t do. Don’t freak out Sara McCord, a freelance writer and editor, writes in The Muse that you shouldn’t “drive yourself crazy” when you haven’t been contacted yet about if you got the job. After writing about how anxious […]